Hand Tool SIG

Hand Tool Special Interest Group meets on the 4th Sunday of the Month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

April 23rd Hand Tool SIG:
“See?  Saw!

Our cutting edge topic for discussion and demonstration will set your teeth on edge!

All members and their guests as well as interested prospective members are welcome and invited to attend this meeting.   Members who do not regularly attend the Hand Tool SIG and interested in this topic are encouraged to check out the SIG at this meeting.

Join us for the KCWG Hand Tool SIG on April 23rd 2pm to 4pm.  

On the 23rd the HT SIG we will be looking at the basics of handsaw selection, restoration, sharpening and use.  Perhaps you’ve been to that mythical garage sale where the barrel o’ saws lives?  Did you wonder what they might be good for and how to make them work?  Or maybe you bought a saw on-line or even (amazingly) at a hardware store and want to put it through its paces.

We will have examples of saws you might find “in the wild” and will walk through the steps of restoring and sharpening one.  And time permitting, demonstrate a few stupid-saw-tricks you might find useful in your shop.

Please bring any goodies you might have.  There might not be time to get through everything, so have a favorite to show.


About the SIG

See a YouTube video of Rob Young on Hand Tools at the Guild HERE.

This SIG will consist of people with an interest in acquiring, making, using, tuning and sharpening hand tools. Members agreed they were more interested in acquiring tools for use, rather than as part of a collection.

The group’s focus on acquiring tools might include:HTClass300

  • How to acquire the tools.
  • How to recognize collectible tools with greater value.
  • How much to pay.

Tools that the group might like to make includes:

  • Wood planes.
  • Handles for chisels, files, saws, etc.
  • Try-squares.
  • Levels.
  • Marking tools.

Structure of the Meetings

  • Demonstrations & Discussion
    • Means and methods of using hand tools
    • Acquiring and evaluating hand tools
    • Joinery
    • Relating hand tools to your home shop and the KCWG shop
  • Show & Tell.
    • Bring your new favorites to share
    • Samples of work
      The Hand Tool SIG meets monthly in the KC Woodworkers’ Guild Shop on the fourth Sunday of each month from 2:00 until 4:00 unless otherwise posted.
      For more information on hand tool SIG, contact Rob Young.