Grand Champion Rules

Eligible Carvers:

Only individuals who are Exhibitors and are carving instructors or previous “Best of Show” winners at any woodcarving show, at any time are eligible for Grand Champion Competition.  There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted for Grand Champion consideration.  All entries must comply with general show rules and preregistration fee per entry is $2.00.

The Grand Champion Competition is designed to encourage continued growth of advanced carvers by having the best compete with the best.  This allows aspiring carvers a chance to win Group and Category Blue Ribbons and the Best of Show event even though instructors and/or previous Best of Show winners are present.  This means each show will yield a “Best of Show” and perhaps, depending on the entrants, a “Grand Champion”.

How it works:

Declaration of Grand Champion Competition eligibility is required on the Exhibitor’s Application and carving preregistrations.  All Grand Champion carving entries will be clearly marked as a Grand Champion entry.  Grand Champion entries will only be judged against other Grand Champion entries in their appropriate Group and Category.  Entries will be placed in the appropriate group and category along with all other carvings.  They will be judged and receive an evaluated score.

The winner of the “Grand Champion 2017” will receive $350 and a custom embroidered Grand Champion vest.

The Grand Champion award is to recognize exceptional skill level, creativity and mastery.   It is not recognition for completed work.  Therefore, judges are not required to award Grand Champion recognition, if judges agree that the work does not exhibit an exceptional skill level.

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