Matt Nowak, Program Director

Matt Nowak, Program Director


The Program Director is always interested in volunteers and suggestions for programs.  No contribution is too small.  If you have time or ideas to contribute to the Guild please contact Matt at

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October 18 – Anton Krutz – Kansas City Strings

We are blessed to have quite a few luthiers in this area but K. C. Strings is the largest full service violin, viola, cello, and bass shop in the Midwest.  As you can see, they only deal with non-fretted stringed instruments.  Their mission is to empower string players and to help create a vibrant strings community.

As a woodworker, I am always thrilled just to park in front of their building in Merriam because even the outside is a wonder in excellent wood.  Just wait until you step inside, though, where you will nearly be surrounded by awesome, beautiful instruments.

On the right are those awesome acoustic basses and someday I will own one.  Next are the racks of cellos. On the other side are multitudes of violins and violas.  Grab a bow and try one.  It may be your only chance to play an $8,000+ violin.

Anton Krutz, owner and master luthier of K. C. Strings will present our October program.  He will talk about the high end of the musical instrument business as it relates to stringed, non-fretted instruments, that is, violins, violas, cellos, and bases.  He and his luthiers travel to China regularly to insure that the artisans in China are producing top quality parts which are shipped to Merriam, KS, where they are assembled.
You can see his website at

Matt Nowak, KCWG Programs Director

November 15 – Tall Miniatures

Tall sailing ships in the real world are really fascinating, but here in Kansas City the only practical way to see them is in their miniature form.

The Kansas City Square Riggers Club will present our November meeting and from what I saw at the Makers Faire this year in Union Station, I believe that you. Too. will be very impressed.

This area seems to be blessed (or cursed) with a fascination with miniatures and making things like tall sailing ships in miniature must certainly present some intriguing challenges for the woodworker.  So, polish your bifocals and get ready to be dazzled by the miniature tall sailing ships and their builders.  Oh, if I am not mistaken, they also build ships representing those from the really early days, too, like from the early Greeks and Vikings.

Any way you look at it, building sailing vessels in any scale can be very complex and challenging and what they produce is usually aesthetically pleasing, too.  I am looking forward to it.

See the gallery on their website at

Matt Nowak, KCWG Programs Director


Monthly meetings of KCWG are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 7pm to 9pm. Meetings are held at 3189 Mercier, Kansas City, MO. Prospective members are encouraged to attend a meeting. If you like, come early and get a shop tour!

The typical format of meetings is as follows:

  • 7:00 – Welcome, announcements, short reports from various departments
  • 7:15 – Show-and-Tell: This sounds kind of hokey but it is the most popular part of the meeting. Members of all experience levels bring recent projects (some might not yet be complete) and explain what they built, what methods they used, who helped them, and what problems they overcame. Questions are encouraged.
  • 8:00 – Break for cookies, coffee and soft drinks.  Show-and-Tell items are on display and the builder is available to discuss the project. Unsolicited opinions are offered; friendly discussions ensue. There is a raffle of donated items. Members gather in small groups to tell fish stories and related lies.
  • 8:15 – Formal program: typically an outside speaker or expert from membership ranks.
  • 9:00 – Adjournment
  • There is an informal gathering after the meeting at Birdies Pub & Grill (back room), 8889 W. 75th Street. It is located in the west end of the strip center at Antioch & 75th, across the street from Shawnee Mission Medical Center. All are invited.

Neal Ray Shoger

Show and Tell photos by Neal Ray Shoger

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