Current Projects

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The Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild undertakes numerous projects each year, some as fundraisers and some for community service. This page is a placeholder for current projects announced at the meetings, in the newsletter or through the Guild’s email program. Projects remain on this page until they are completed in order that members may easily find a link to the Sign-Up site and join their friends working on behalf of the Guild and the community.

Guild Shares

Guild Members who volunteer their services to teach classes or to work on the Guild’s various fund-raising projects qualify for Guild Shares.  For every hour of instruction or project work, they get 2 Guild Shares worth $1 each.  Guild Shares can be redeemed to pay for classes, annual dues, or Guild products/apparel.

Right Now!

Periodically the Guild gets requests from commercial entities to provide services for a fee.  The fees collected help keep Guild dues low.  We have built Turf Boxes (sample kits for sales reps to use) for several years.


Makers Faire June 25, 2016 – Getting Ready (Many hands make light work.)

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For several years the Guild has raised funds by producing versions of boxes to display product samples for FieldTurf.  The items pictured here are on display at the entrance to the shop.


In-House Guild Projects

From time to time Guild members contribute their skills to make the Guild Shop more comfortable, efficient, or appealing.  In May of 2016, Guild members framed out the welcome counter in oiled walnut.

Counter Frame