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Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild; 3189 Mercier St; Kansas City, MO 64111

 We would love to hear from you, but the Guild does not have an office staff or phone service, so the best way to contact us would be through email to the relevant Director below.  General inquiries can be sent to

 Or, if you want to stop by and say “Hi” before one of the monthly general meetings, you can use the map and address to the right for directions.

Classified Ads: Guild members include many craftspersons who are interested in your no longer needed tools or materials and are often willing to assist those in need of their skillsets. To accommodate such offers or requests we publish a weekly “Classified Ads” email.  Persons wishing to place an item in the Guild’s Classified Ads email should contact the Communications Director at

Individual classified ads are published to the total membership, but are run on a one-time basis.  The emails normally go out to the membership weekly on Fridays around 7:00 p.m.  

 Submissions should describe the offer/request in detail.  Pictures are very helpful.  Current or past members of the Guild, might want to mention that.   The advertiser’s full name, phone number and an email address are required.  Items for sale should mention prices or whether the price is negotiable.  Requests for assistance should indicate any offer of remuneration.

The Guild does not track responses to the ads, and all ads are subject to editing by the staff for clarity, continuity, concision, and formatting.  Classified Ads must be related to the Guild’s overriding purpose and interests.  The staff reserves the right to determine the propriety of offers/requests put forward.  The Guild accepts no responsibility for the quality of items offered in this publication.

Volunteer Guild Board & Directors and Their Email Addresses

Roland MohlerRoger BartlettSharon Pugh
Roland Mohler
Vice President
Roger Bartlett
Sharon Pugh
Gary MielkeTim Lockechuck300
Gary Mielke
Member at Large
Tim Locke
Assets Director
Chuck Saunders
Andrew Carr
Communications Director
Dick Kammer
Events Director
Alex Scott
Andrew Carr
Wayne Peterson SQMatt Nowak
Membership Director
Wayne Peterson
Newsletter Editor
Matthew Reynolds
Program Director

Matt Nowak

John SlossCraig ArnoldDaveKraatz-300x300
Safety Director
John Sloss
Sponsorship Director
Craig Arnold
Training Director
David Kraatz
Assistant Training Director
Norm Carpenter