These videos were put together by Bill Mantia in the summer of 2016.
Bill is a member of both the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild and the Kansas City Woodturners’ Association.

Tour the Guild Hall.

This video gives an overview of the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild Hall at 3189 Mercier Street in Kansas City, MO.  It features interviews with a number of members describing the operations of the Guild as well as its perceived benefits.  Meet members Gary Mielke, Anthony Harris, Nicole Engelmann, Chuck Saunders, and Dan Robidoux.  Additional narration by Dick Kammer.

See also the following YouTube Videos:

David Roth on scroll saw skills

Guild member David Roth discusses how he came to be a member of the Guild as well as his work in intarsia and marquetry.  He also comments on the Scroll Saw Special Interest Group (SIG).

Dan Robidoux on wood carving skills

Dan Robidoux is a master woodcarver who describes the relation of the Guild to his craft as well as the evolution of the Woodcarvers Special Interest Group (SIG) at the Guild.

Rob Young on hand tools

Rob Young is the Guild’s Hand Tool specialist and a Shop Foreman.  Here he discusses the value of hand tools in woodcraft, as well as the Hand Tool Special Interest Group (SIG).

Gary Mielke on the CNC router

Gary Mielke leads the Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Special Interest Group (SIG) at the Guild.  Here he describes the mechanics of the CNC computerized router operations.

Anthony Harris on wood turning

Anthony Harris is a master wood turner.  He describes his involvement with the craft over the years and its place in Woodworking.

Anthony Harris – Chasing Threads

Anthony discusses his long term interest in “chasing threads” in a variety of materials and shows some of the projects that utilize this unique talent.